Case Studies

Apache Wells Golf Club
Mesa, AZ April 2007 (1.75 acres)

This 1.75 acre pond had been losing 1 ½ inches of water per day for an extended period of time. Apache Wells Golf ClubThe golf course had not been able to keep up with the water loss along with their irrigation needs. The Apache Wells Golf Course elected to have Seepage Control, Inc. seal their pond using the ESS-13 Waterborne method.

This golf course is 25 years old, and the pond was stocked with fish – some of them original. No fish were lost during the treatment process, and after the treatment, the client was pleased to report no measurable water loss.

Wickenburg Golf Club
Wickenburg, AZ August 2006, (3.31 acres)

In August 2005 Terry Woodland with Woodland Golf International hired Seepage Control to repair a few lakes totaling about 3.31Wickenburg Golf Club acres at the Wickenburg Golf Club.  The Spray-On treatment was used on this project. 

The soils in this area were very sandy and terrible for lake sealing.  In this situation extra time was spent moisturizing and rolling over the soil preparing the sub-grade. Once the sub-grade was smooth rolled, the ESS-13 Spray-On was applied in several coats.  After allowing the product to sit for a short time, the lakes were filled.

Currently the lakes are holding well. Wickenburg Golf Club was successful at repairing their lakes using their native soil and reduced their potential repair costs substantially.

Stone Ridge Golf Club
Maplewood, MN July 2001, (approximately 1 acre)

The Stone Ridge lake was a challenging project.  This was due to wet conditions as well as a significant amount of sand located in the deeper ends of the lake.Stone Ridge Golf Club  Some creative installation procedures were required.  These included pushing the wetter soil from the bottom up onto the sides. In addition, a high concentration of ESS-13 was sprayed onto the sandier areas. The high moisture content of the soil caused significant pumping, making compaction less than ideal.  However, the unique ability of ESS-13 to seal soil in a saturated environment offsets these adverse conditions.  The product and these techniques allowed for the completion of the liner in just three days. The end result was a sealed lake that is holding well today.

 This project is an example of the successful use of ESS-13 in a challenging environment.

Anthem Golf and Country Club
Anthem, AZ March 2006, (7.5 acres)

Anthem is a planned suburb developed by Del Webb as a new kind of entire community
development. It is located about 34 miles north of Phoenix, AZ. Anthem Golf and Country ClubThe initial construction was
completed in 1998 and the population in the community has grown to over 40,000 people.

This golf course is located on the north side of Anthem. It is a 36-hole championship course designed by Greg Nash. The entire complex is beautifully designed. The facility contains several lakes and various water features.

Seepage Control, Inc. was contracted by Desert Refl ections to build the lakes. Using the Treated and Compacted method we constructed the liners for approximately 326,700 sq ft of soil surface area. The lakes are doing well, and are probably some of the most beautiful lakes we have been involved in.

Concan Country Club
Concan, TX March 2006, (6 acres)

In February, 2006 Seepage Control, Inc. Concan Country Clubwas contracted to seal the six-acre lake at Concan Country Club at Mountain Valley.

A combination of Treat and Compact and Spray-On applications was used due to the poor quality, talc-like, soil.  We were told that “all the ponds in this region of Texas were dry due to the poor soils.”

The success of this project was critical as this pond would be the only source of water for irrigation of the golf course.  Upon completion, the pond was filled and to this day hold perfectly.  The pond is able to maintain all the irrigation needs of the course and also supports an abundant population of fish.

Palms Golf Course
Mesquite, Nevada  July 1988, 8 lakes (26.5 acres) Palms Golf Course

Originally referred to as the Peppermill Golf Course in Mesquite, NV, this project involved the new construction of eight lakes of various sizes for a new golf course and casino.  This project proved to be foundational to the growth of Mesquite, helping grow the town from approximately 1,000 residents in 1980 to an estimated population in July 2005 of 13,523.

The Seepage Control on-site representative was able to help locate usable soil in the area.  This soil, in conjunction with ESS-13 and the native soil, was used to build a 12” high density soil liner.  The eight lakes were constructed over a period of about two and half months.  Upon completion all were holding tight, and are still sealed and in use today.